oh my god, that’s so cute the way you just draw on stuff and think about yourself all the time

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SUPERTOUCH » Blog Archive » Banksy’s “Barely Legal” Show:

“I have just realised what it is that Banksy does. He makes high end, outdoor “The Far Side” comics. Gary Larson is probably kicking himself somewhere. He could have sold a piece to Brad Pitt.” —Bang-jamin


I know this show is old news, but I followed a link to something else and started looking through this set of photos of the show, which included a lot of pieces i hadn’t seen or didn’t recall seeing when it was originally covered. There was also a huge list of comments. I love Banksy, I think his work is clever, interesting, and it’s something i defintiely wish there were more of. Still, I’m fascinated by people who don’t like his work or think it’s derivative or not clever. Many of the negative commentators criticized him for charging so much for his work (~$100,000) and selling it to celebrities (apparently Brad Pitt purchased a number of pieces), both ridicuolus points I won’t even bother to refute, well, except to say (1) presumably he was raising the money to perform even further, more ambitious(!) work and (2) i think these arguments go to “cred”, which really relates to an individual aestheic. Few of the critical arguments go beyond name-calling, though one alleges that some of the art was painted by other people. Unsurprising, inasmuch as many of the subverted traditional works show a fair amount of time and proficiency was required, but even that is forgivable for an artist who refuses to be photographed or identified, he’s hardly self-aggrandizing. it isn’t as if he is out there, proclaiming himself to be a solitary genius, so long as the concept was his own, does it really matter that he has assistants? I don’t imagine he painted the elephant all by himself either. Others complain that his work isn’t as challenging as it once was, that he’s mainstreamed, but I suppose that depends on the individual as well. Some of the images and wordplay would be right at home on a t-shirt at spencer’s gifts, but pert of it is context. How seriously can you take a t-shirt, but put it on a wall and it might change someone’s mind, or at least give them a different perspective.


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