breaking: penn and teller — not in love!

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I’ve heard this from them before in interviews, that Penn and Teller don’t see each other socially, they don’t hang out at each other’s homes, I don’t think they even live in the same city(?).  It’s an interesting theory though.

Esquire : What I’ve Learned : Penn and Teller

Penn: The trick is not to try to work on the personal relationship at all. Treat it as though it’s a dry-cleaning business. Of course you’re going to become best friends—like in any dry-cleaning business. Your dad’s partner ends up being very good friends with your family. But they didn’t start the dry-cleaning business because they were in love. Lennon and McCartney started because they were in love—so you’re going to get that Let It Be train wreck. Martin and Lewis were probably the biggest train wreck of that sort, in that it lasted two and a half years while they were producing stuff. While Lewis was in love with Martin, Dean seemed incapable of love. Simon and Garfunkel started out as best friends at twelve, but as far as I know they were never really comfortable around each other once they made it. Better to keep it a business.

Teller: Sometimes it’s very intense. Sometimes we get on each other’s nerves or step on each other’s feet. But one thing we’ve learned is not to apologize. That’s a big, big, useful rule for anyone trying to hold together a relationship. When something has been a problem, don’t apologize. Just drop it.


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