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Ain’t It Cool News: The Ghostbusters video game?

There are a few demo videos of a potential Ghostbusters game floating around the internet this week [follow the link for a nice compilation]. While it’s unclear if this is a hoax, the videos certainly show the potential of the game. I’m thinking the Wii would be a pretty awesome system to play on. Don’t get your hopes up for another sequel though, according to cinematical, “Rumors of a new Ghostbusters film swirled in and out of popularity for a long time, before Harold Ramis finally revealed that Bill Murray has decided never to fork over his share of the rights — meaning no film will happen.” I remember reading years ago that Bill Murray agreed to do a sequel only if his character died in the first 15 minutes and haunted everyone for the rest of the film. However, this is the current rumor floating around…

In Focus | November 2005 | Ramis On ‘Ice’:

What Danny had originally conceived was sending us to a special-effects Hell — a netherworld full of phenomenal visual environments and boiling pits and all that stuff. But my thought was that what works so well about the first two is the mundane-ness of it all. So my notion was that Hell exists simultaneously, and in the same place as our consensus reality. But it’s like a film shutter — it’s the darkness between the 24 frames. So we blink alternately with this other reality, which is Hell.So all the Ghostbusters would need to do [to go to Hell] is take themselves “out of phase” one beat. And we create a device to do it, and it’s in a warehouse in Brooklyn. And when we step out of the chamber, it looks just like New York — but it’s Hell. Everything’s gridlocked — no cars are moving, no vehicles are moving, and all the drivers are swearing at each other in different foreign languages. It’s all the worst things about modern urban life, just magnified.

And Heaven was across the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey. The Ghostbusters had to make this journey from Lower Manhattan to the George Washington Bridge.

Ah well, we’ll always have the cartoon.

Also, in case you’re ever in New York:
Ironic Sans : The Google Maps Guide to Ghostbusters
A really well done compilation of the locations of the scenes from both of the movies. Ghostbusters HQ is in Tribeca, now one of the most expensive zip codes in the country!


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