lifesavers have got to be the hardest part…

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livehard – vending machine challenge II
2007-03-20 – Tuesday – $22

Teams of brave competitors will go head-to-head in the world’s only competitive eating vending machine event. This contest unites gastronomical expertise, speed eating, physical dexterity, athletic skill, and sheer consumption strategy. Each team must rise to the following task: to consume the entire contents (minus packaging) of a standard vending machine. Upon the referee’s signal the competitors will be given a stockpile of dollar bills and change, and begin feeding currency into their machines while carefully selecting their eating approach.

The first team to successfully eat the the entire contents of the vending machine will be declared the winner.

My dad once told me of a challenge some of his co-workers put upon one of their denser peers. Could he eat $100 worth of food in a 7-11? Three hours, no booze, no cigarettes. If he succeeded, he gets $100 of food from 7-11 and $100 from each of the challengers If he failed, he pays for what he eats and owes them $100. Alas, he did not succeed, because as usurious as convenience stores are, there isn’t much that costs over $5. Not much you could eat 20 of in three hours.

Tickets are $22, a little steep, but I suppose that’s to keep he riff-raff out. Rumor has it The Onion and the staff of MOMA have taken the challenge tho, so could be worthwhile.


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  1. I went to the Vending Machine challenge last year. Studio red took down a vending machine in 37 minutes. It was amaazing. Last year it was free, but packed.

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