i woke up this morning…

April 2, 2007 at 11:35 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Ugh. I have been waking up each morning for the past week with a sore throat and all this, to put it kindly, “blockage”. I’d been trying to take it easy, but Saturday I went on this long walk all over manhattan and it was colder than I thought it would be and Sunday I woke up with sick body. I hardly left my apartment Sunday but to go get soup, which didn’t really help.

But I did watch all of the first part of the sixth season of The Sopranos. I had downloaded in a while ago, but put off watching it, mostly because I wanted to wait until it was all over, but also because I once I start, I can’t stop watching. I don’t think there is a season of the sopranos I’ve watched in more that a single weekend. Maybe it would take me a full week when I was watching on dvd and had to switch disks (I have a policy that if it’s after midnight and you’re still watching a show, you can’t get out of bed to switch discs.) which prevents me from watching until 3 in the morning, which is what I did Saturday. I finished Sunday and, while it wasn’t as action-packed or even surprising as previous seasons, it was still laugh-out-loud funny in parts and completely cringe-inducing in others. Even the dream sequence, which I have actually fast-forwarded through in the past, was engaging. And there is a great arc involving another character, a more of a background character, that they go deeper into than any other background character ever. Even though it had been some time since I watched season 5, I still followed along pretty easily. To that end, after I finished episode 12, I did my traditional lookup on wikipedia to see what I missed, and came across this amazing piece of editing.


7 Seven Minute Sopranos – a “whacked out” refresher

It’s surprising how bright and colorful the first season is, I’d watch it again, but memories how hard it was to listen to tony’s mother whinge and hearing him whinge on and on about her are so frustrating, I doubt it will happen soon. But this clip is totally worth seven minutes of your time before the new season starts next Sunday (April 8). I’m looking forward to downloading the last nine episodes week after week, I’ve only ever watched the third season live and it’s the one I feel most familiar with. But the difference between live and dvd is an essay for another post.


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