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a new feature i’m gonna try out here is linking to three videos every sunday. i generally don’t like linking to videos, i know i rarely watch videos on the blogs i read, they’re usually posted in the excitement of finding them, and upon reflection are maybe not worth really linking to, or they’re already overexposed elsewhere. but as with everything on this blog, i’m trying to link to things that aren’t covered on the a-list blogs. i’m also hoping to cut out the dross by limiting myself to three videos a week

ricky gervais in africa for comic relief via tvsquad

the first couple of minutes are slow, but it’s a strong finish (8:46)

underground bands – ronnie johns half hour

the ronnie johns half hour is a sketch show out of australia. the youtube pickings are voluminous, but seem to make the show focus almost exclusively in taking a piss on “chopper” a beloved australian psychopath and crime novelist immortalized by eric bana a number of years ago in an appropriately-named film, “chopper.” it is hardly required viewing, same for ronnie james, though i did like the finger sketch. (1:32)

will ferrell in the landlord

via funnyordie

sorry i can’t embed, wordpress is dumb that way. still, the actress who plays the landlord is definitely going places. what a ball of talent!

classic clip

letterman works the drive-through at taco bell

i’ve long thought letterman was a bit of a hack. it bothers me when hosts talk about how awful their shows are (i’m looking at you stewart, conan) but it’s even worse when the show really is unfunny. there is a long thread at aspecialthing (initiated by jessie thorn of tsoya) about letterman and how great he is. apparently what some appreciate in letterman is that he dares to be unfunny. that he is willing to make people uncomfortable. especially in the days when he followed carson, who was so universally loved, the best way to set himself apart was to be unlovable, to allow moments of comedy where you might not expect it and get guests to do or say things they might not otherwise commit. and that i get. he’s not supposed to be likeable. okay, so he’s not a hack. but i still don’t like to watch his show. still, if you’re doing a show every day for ___ years, you’re gonna have some gems, and letterman working the drive-through at taco bell is definitely one. (7:32)


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