we will all have to make sacrifices this summer

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Summer Camps: Harry Potter and the Final-Book Frenzy : Newsweek Periscope

Jill Kleinman closed her children’s bookstore to operate a summer camp, so she thought her days of catering to young bibliophiles and their parents were over. But last month “I got a call from a parent who wants to pull his child out of camp at midnight to get the new ‘Harry Potter’ book,” says Kleinman, who runs Camp Taconic in Massachusetts. “I had to tell him no. It sets a bad precedent.”
According to the American Camp Association, many summer camps make accommodations—later bedtimes, more free time—when J. K. Rowling chooses a summer release date for an installment of her blockbuster “Potter” series.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the seventh and final book in the series, will be released July 21. 

I checked out comingsoon.net, no major films (for adults or children) are being released that weekend (though the film version of the fifth book will be released the weekend before).  The Simpsons Movie comes out the following weekend, but to leave a weekend open in the middle of summer for a book is rather incredible.

In Paul Collins’ excellent book “Sixpence House”, he opens with a passage describing how the publication of his book could have been delayed due to a shortage of paper required for the new Harry Potter book.  It would be interesting to find out how many trees it takes to print an 800+ page book, and the acreage of trees the Harry Potter series is responsible for.   Well, maybe not interesting exactly, but trivia for certain.


new lost theme song!

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the best baldwin

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“Do you like Phil Collins?”
“I have two ears and a heart, don’t I?”

—Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) on 30 Rock

I recently read a description of Alec Baldwin as a character actor trapped in a leading man’s body*. I’ve always had a soft spot for him since Beetlejuice, one of the first movies I owned on video and Hunt for Red October, one of the first movies I saw on my own in a theater and a film I will always get caught up in if I catch it on tv.

His comedic roles in film have been underwhelming, but his appearances on SNL have been better than they are worse and the running gag about the competition between Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin for the title of most guest host appearances have been some of the most reliably outstanding bits on the show.

Still, he is one of the best parts of 30 Rock, I’m not sure it would even work without him. Of all the television I watched in 2006 (alas, there was plenty), I’ve only been struck enough by two lines of dialogue to bother to write them down and they were both by his character. (above, and regarding Kevin, the oblivious, propitious page: “In five years we’ll either be working for him… or dead by his hand.”

* turns out he’s not the only one… google

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