people who don’t drink

I’ve been noticing a growing number of celebrities who do not (or claim not) to drink alcohol. I am no way condoning this, as I drink but plenty. But I think it is fascinating to think of a life without the taste of a good IPA or Bitter, without an glass of chunky red wine. Or without the release of getting really drunk some night and just letting go with good friends. I hope to eventually annotate these notes with the sources where I got the information, but we’ll start out with just what’s in my head.

George W. Bush : He’s recovering, so it stands to assume he’s dry. It’s hard to think of all those state dinners at the White House without a glass of wine, but apparently, his palate is not that complex.

Donald Trump : Doesn’t drink alcohol, though he recently started selling Trump Vodka, apparently it’s really classy.

Dane Cook : in the FAQ on his website he mentions that he’s never drank or done drugs, believes in a clean body and all that. Hard to believe given how manic he is on stage, but it also make perfect sense.

Penn Jillette and Teller : Claim to have never tasted alcohol, tried drugs or even caffiene. Odd inasmuch as they seem like such barflys, but so they say.

Alright, so this list sucks so far, but there are a lot more, check back soon…


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