travis recommends

August 5
Veronica Mars

Oh yeah, I’m on the bandwagon.

June 5
tom the dancing bug on

While ruben bolling’s TOM THE DANCING BUG comic strip does have a rotating cast of characters, there is no Tom, and there is no dancing bug. Each week he illustrates a different theme or story varying from sharp political satire, pithy celebrity teardowns, artful narrative theory digressions, or insightful thoughts on current events. The strongest regular series tend to be god-man and super-fun-pak comics. While I like almost all of the comics on Salon, this is my favorite and totally worth the ad hassle.

May Something
Ben & Jerry’s Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream

Just as satisfying as the show itself. Americone Dream is vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered bits of waffle cone with a caramel swirl. the chocolate coating on the waffle cone bits keeps them crunchy and there is enough of a thick caramel swirl to have a real influence on the richness of the whole. Not really breaking new ground here though, häagen-dazs and edys/dryers reportedly have similar combinations. to find a pint near you, check out this map

April 15
Doing Your Taxes at the Start of the Year

Wow. I really should have gotten started on my taxes earlier. I’m doing just about everything I can today to avoid doing them.

March 7
Chocolate Covered Almonds

I picked a can of these up to sneak into a movie the other day… man they were really good. I mixed them with some pretzels and it was game on. I’m not much of an almond fan, but I suppose if you dump chocolate on something, it’s not going to hurt. Apparently, there were almond m&ms out for a short while last year, i should have given them a chance.

February 18
How I Met Your Mother

The second funniest show on television, HIMYM is in it’s second season and cleverer than ever. start out with “<A href=””>The Slap Bet</A>”, probably the best half hour of comedy this season.


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